Worktenser is a Flutter mobile app for managing projects you’re working on. It allows you to collect all of your projects in one place and track how much time you’re spending on them.

The main reason for me to create this project was to learn how to use Google Firebase with Flutter. During the development I was also able to work with Isolates, local notifications and some iOS native code in Swift.

The core of the app is Google Firebase – Firestore database holds all projects’ information and built-in Firebase Authentication handles user authentication.

Technical facts:

  • The app has been build using Flutter and Google Firebase
  • Firebase Authentication handles auth stuff
  • Firestore database keeps information about all projects
  • The app uses a background service to track time when you’re working on the project
  • The app is open source – check it on my GitHub profile
  • I may publish the app one day (I need to think about the business model, so the app could pay for the Firebase by itself)